I'm very excited to report, that a year of work with Andy Bernheimer, David Leven and Sam Weston is finally published, and can be found here

"This catalogue of sites formally and quantitatively documents the holdings of the New York City Housing Authority. Drawn from data found in NYCHA's current “Development Data Book” and categorized by borough, this book intends to catalyze a discussion surrounding the assets of the housing authority and ultimately a visioning of how best to modify, adapt, and program existing building stock to re-frame housing within New York City. Each of NYCHA’s public housing developments is contained within, including basic data regarding site parameters and zoning, most of which was pulled from NYCHA’s own development summary. In addition, we have created iconographic drawings representing each of the structures and their surrounding site. As a summarizing instrument NYCHAPEDIA is a collection of buildings and numbers in isolation from each other, though connected by type and function."